It's some raw, progressive and unapologetic shit. The fusion of raspy guitars, smooth vocals, and an infectious folk melody is a thing of beauty.”

— Santa Rosa Records

Old school singer-songwriter who delivers melodies and lyrics that are full of honesty and stories that are easy to imagine and breath in, connecting with something deep. ”

— Wolf in a Suit

Stocksdale has an uncanny way with phrasing, making every note as exciting as the last.”

— HITS in the Sticks

It’s an excellent style of singer songwriter music, expressing deep personal emotions and allowing the song itself to emit the feelings. I really admire this style and this is a great example of how it’s done.”

— Ear to the Ground


New Song - Get Found

When Miles was born my life turned upside down. Despite all I expected from reading books and taking classes and listening to advice, it quickly became clear that the day he came into being marked a fundamental change in my world. I am eternally grateful that my wife and I had it easier than many parents do, but still it was hard. My focus shifted to this incredible tiny man and away from everything else. Songwriting, music, and any sort of artistic endeavor were put on the back burner and gone from my…

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Thanks SirChillcious for sharing "A Passing Phase" in their Chillicious Discoveries May 2017 playlist!



New Song - A Passing Phase

For the past few years I've been working on something special. Something near and dear to my heart. Something so meaningful to me that I'm almost afraid to share it with others out of fear that they just won't get it. Or worse they'll get it and hate it. Maybe they'll laugh in my face and shout to the sky, "what were you thinking?! This is terrible!" Maybe they'll turn their backs on me and whisper secretly about how mediocre my art is. 


Or maybe they'll listen with open ears, hearts, and minds…

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Next Show: Opening for Tinsley Ellis at The Mint 12/7

I'm honored to be opening for the acclaimed blues player, Tinsley Ellis, as he comes through Los Angeles on his national tour. Come hang, bring friends, and buckle up for a great night of music! 

December 7th, 2016 at The Mint in Los Angeles 

9:30pm - Tinsley Ellis
8:45pm - Mike Stocksdale 
8:00pm - Federal Dog 


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Next Show - 9/21 at The Mint opening for Will Hoge!!

I'm really excited to be opening for Will Hoge at The Mint on 9/21. He's kind of a big deal, so this is kind of a big show. It would mean a lot to have your support at this one, so I hope to see you there! 

Save your seat and a little $$$ by getting Advance Tickets.

Seating is limited. For dinner reservations email

8:00pm - The Lark and The Loon 
8:45pm - Mike Stocksdale 
9:50pm - Will Hoge


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