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Until the Oceans Rise, Vol. 2

Mike Stocksdale

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Until the Oceans Rise, Vol. 2

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Engineered by the amazing Mike Post at Moosecat Recording in Los Angeles, CA. Guitar, Vocal, Harmonica, tracked live to tape over two days in October, 2016. Kick drum and tambourine overdubbed a separate day.

Mandolin, Banjo, Additional Guitars, Backing Vocals engineered by Mike Stocksdale and tracked with Pro Tools at his home in Culver City, CA.

Vocals on "Easy Sin" (Vol. 2) performed by Kate Strand. All other instruments and vocals performed by Mike Stocksdale. 

Mixed by Mike Stocksdale in a tiny room.

Mastered by the incredible Paul Shatto in Vancouver, B.C.

Cover photo by Andrea Passarella. Design by Mike Stocksdale.

All songs written by Michael Jeffrey Stocksdale - ASCAP 2017.

Published by Stox Box Publishing - ASCAP 2017


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