New Song - A Passing Phase

For the past few years I've been working on something special. Something near and dear to my heart. Something so meaningful to me that I'm almost afraid to share it with others out of fear that they just won't get it. Or worse they'll get it and hate it. Maybe they'll laugh in my face and shout to the sky, "what were you thinking?! This is terrible!" Maybe they'll turn their backs on me and whisper secretly about how mediocre my art is. 


Or maybe they'll listen with open ears, hearts, and minds. It’s hard to say. A teacher once told me that when it comes to my art, it's my job to create. That’s it. I don't get to decide whether what I create is worthy, acceptable, terrible, or amazing. It's not my place. I'm just supposed to put it out there and let it live. 

"A Passing Phase" is a song from my new album, Until the Oceans Rise. I worked harder and longer on the lyrics for these songs, attempting to be more heartfelt, vivid, and thought provoking than ever before. There are many who don't listen to words in music, so I'm releasing this first as a lyric video in the hopes that what I say will carry as much weight as how I say it. 

The guitar, vocal, and harmonica for all of the songs on this album were tracked live to tape over a few days by the amazing Mike Post at Moosecat Recording. The kick drum and tambourine were also done there. I overdubbed the other instruments at my home studio, where I mixed the album as well. The incredible Paul Shatto mastered the whole thing. 

Please share with friends and loved ones as you see fit. Volume one of the album will be released on May 23, 2017. Keep your eyes and ears open for other videos and sneak peaks before then. Have a nice day. -Mike

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