The Old Band

After a 14 year hiatus, my old band, Three Minute Mile, has released a new album and are playing three shows in Chicago at the end of August!

Loose Ends is a collection of songs written in the early 2000s but never officially released. The first two tracks, "In Your Mind" and "Dear America," were produced July 2017 in my home studio via email, dropbox, and a little bit of magic. "Bad Time For Love" was produced by Marc Nelson of The Alley Recording Company in a snow covered cabin in 2003. Singer/guitarist Jason Swift, drummer Justin Seidenberg, bassist Justin G. Leone, keyboardist Noah Schwartz, and myself (lead guitar) recorded the rest of the songs live in the studio of our great friend and mentor, Russ Castillo, as a demo back in 2002. The very last track is a rare version of a song written by Noah, recorded live at The Bluebird in Bloomington, IN, 2003. This band is where I first developed a love for music, and it really is a thrill to finally share these songs with the world. I can't wait to hit the stage with them in Chicago at the end of this month. Happy time traveling and thank you so much for listening with open ears, hearts, and minds. Enjoy!

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